Friday, February 9, 2007

Anti American Sentiments Helping Terrorism

Question: Does anti-American speech play into the hands of American enemies?

Answer: The analysis of one top Australian official affirms that it does.

Alexander Downer, foreign minister from Australia, discussed how the incentive for terrorism is being driven by the irresponsibility of some European leaders.

Telegraph Co. quoted the minister as saying, "People in the West, and not only in Europe, blame America for a suicide bomber in a market in Baghdad." And further, "That only encourages more horrific behaviour. Every time there is an atrocity committed, it is implicitly America's fault, so why not commit some more atrocities and put even more pressure on America?"

Downer accurately explains, "The al-Qa'eda leadership has said on many occasions that more than 50 per cent of the battle is a battle in the media. The more you can get media denigration of America, the more that the war against terrorism is seen to be an indictment of America, the better for those who started this war."

In a less blaming tone, Downer expressed the possiblity that these prominent European leaders are not intentionally seeking to bring harm on U.S. interests.

Even still Downer goes on to say, "Before you leap out there and vigorously attack America, think about what you're saying and the consequences of what you're saying."

I would sound this same warning to our own politicians in Congress. It is democracy in action to disagree and debate with the White House. It is self mutilation to degrade and deface the White House and vice versa.

Our government should represent the nation's will, resolve and strength. For the President of the United States to be pinned down by frivolous, internal rhetoric means the advancement of a determined and deranged enemy.

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