Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's Time For Strength

The world looks to the United States and depends on its leadership and a strong President for global security. President Bush has proven he is a strong leader with tax cuts, and other tough domestic policies as well as his strong stand against terrorist and global Jihadists. Unfortunately, the President has been weakened. A weak U.S. President will result in many failures around the world. If the Nation fails to get behind the President and support his agenda the following will probably happen:

1. Lebanon’s Prime Minister Seniora will fail and democracy will cease in Lebanon.. A large number of moderate Muslims and Christians will die as a result.

2. Israel will be forced to negotiate with the Palestinians from a weakened position. They will loose credibility and territory, and put themselves closer to another genocide.

3. The likes of Ayman Zawarhairi will continue to take innocent lives around the world and mock the President (really the Nation) with impunity.

4. Troop moral in the global war on terror will continue to decline until it causes serious decent with in the ranks.

5. Democracy in Afghanistan will give way to Taliban rule.

6. The United States will bow to Iran and Syria and give away 400 billion dollars and 3,000 lives to the enemy. The world oil supply will be in the hands of radical Islam.

7. Somalia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey and many other places around the world including France and Great Brittan where western civilization has began and even flourished will turn toward the advance of fanatic Islam.

The Democrats and some Republicans know this all to well, but encourage it. They are betting that they can get away with destroying President Bush and then put things back in order once they’re in power. They believe that their superior intellect and diplomacy will solve the world’s problems. It won’t !

Set aside the tragic loss of life and treasure that their political scheme has cost; their plan won’t work for one basic reason. The fanatic Jihadists only understand one thing; Superior power and authority. It may be many years before a strong President comes back to power and the United States has the resolve to take on this hideous enemy.

A U.S. President was destroyed while in office and the military withdrew from the battle field of Vietnam. Communism was eventually defeated when a strong President came back to power, but this time it won’t be the same. When you consider the nuclear threat, the whole equation changes. Unfortunately, the American public have been misled, and they don’t understand what’s at stake. The best presidential candidate will be one who can educate the public on the reality of the world we live in today.

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