Friday, January 26, 2007

Words from Those Who Know

A friend of mine, in Iraq, works as an english translator. He is very well educated and would be a compliment to any working democracy. Recently, played a role in helping to track down a group of terrorists. These terrorists had kidnapped a certain number of Americans. Their hope was to trade for these American hostages for Iranian prisoners. The Iraq army handled the situation with speed but could not save these American lives. When the terrorists were captured, they were found to be Iranian.

As a matter of discussion, Iranians in Iraq often act the part of Suni and Shiite when performing acts of violence on the opposing sect.

My friend explains, “It is Iran who is doing all that troubles in the Middle East. Look at Lebanon, Palastine and Iraq. Najadi thinks that one day after he has the nuclear weapon; he will ask to be the head of the world.”

He also said, “Sadir people are going to Iran because of the new security plan and the Maliki who did that to save his people.”

Very few including my friend have much confidence or trust in Maliki. I might note that Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to visit with Maliki for talks.

Here is the irony, my friend is Shiite by religion. Funny, most or all of his associates feel the same way. Maliki was a big mistake and Iran is the culprit. Much of the same sentiment felt here in the States.

Ultimately, they want Iran out and a new, more represenative, government in.

My friend goes on to say, “we need to change the Government, to one temporary, for 2 years or less little and bring one man to decide all the government like Allawi Or Al-Aloosi as Sonnie. They are not Radicals and not following Iran and in the same time the US have to support them, to make the people accepting them, by seeing the changes and there will be changes.
Believe in me, people here starting to feel that they got decieved by giving votes for the Radicals Shea'a.

It is Tough for the President to do that because it is against his goal, which is Democratic Iraq, but it is a step on the way up. Im sure because I see the life here”

This brave Iraqi man holds out hope that America can help to resolve the problems in Iraq without having to attack Iran. He believes this can be accomplished.

The only problem is that America is in a fight for credibility. Mitt Romney, in speaking to the Herzliya audience, warned against the temptation to, "not lift a finger," in our own defense. We would onlt do this if,

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Will said...

Breaking News!
George Bush has given the green light to green light to kill Iranian operatives in Iraq.

This is a big step.