Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why the Anger? Was the Question...

There are many fake conservatives in this coutry right now. What has happened is that Ted Kennedy cried wolf on the war but he didn't cry to other Democrats. Instead, he turned his attention to the "old-time" conservatives adding a tinge of deficit, debt, and spending.

Being the prophet of fad, he formed the train to no where and quickly loaded it. Then, he sent it rolling down the tracks of self mutilation.

One big passenger of this South bound train is talk show host, John Konop.

John recently asked me the question, "Would you call Lou Dobbs, Bret Scowcroft, Pat Buchanan, Richard Lugar, John Warner….all slime for not supporting a failed plan?"

He later asked me to "reveal" my age. I really have no idea what my age has to do with politics except that this guy cannot brave a debate on real issues with me. But if your tuned in here, John Konop, the answer to your question is 31.

My answer to the first question:

John,If your real question is - West why are you so angry?
The answer to that would be, I come from a family that settled in New York back when there was only York. My ancestors fought in every engagement this country has seen including Independence, Civil, WWII and Vietnam.

I hear the likes of bench warmers like you, who haven’t a child’s understanding of the travails this country has faced down and won.

My father is a businessman the type that most liberals would love to ask the question to, “why aren’t your kids over there fighting”?

His answer, "Because I am".

Let Michael Moore ask that little question to the likes of this man.

Here is a man who has had feet on the ground since 2003 with only short breaks of no more than a month or less. He has walked with Iraqis in their streets, he has fougth insurgents on so many levels.

I could give you so many correspondence with his most trusted Iraq men. These men have watched their hard work literally blow up their faces with because of liberals like you.

I have no link or love for president Bush but the bandwagon of antiwar, that started with liberals sucking their thumbs for losing power, is the direct reason terrorists are emboldened.

Pat yourself on the back here John.

Yes, the elections in Iraq took a, predictably, wrong turn but the trouble really started when slime like you jumped on the Kennedy bandwagon.

It was all politics.

Now, I didn’t join the military. Neither did any of my six brothers. My father went so we could all raise families.
You should get to know men like this, John, instead of hanging out with office butts.

I’ll give you his age if you want.

Now, I realize do that there are so many wonderful Americans with great family history. I also realize that not all these Americans agree with the War in Iraq. But for liberals like John to jump up on the backs of real conservative pioneers and then shout the liberal agenda is going beyond the call and duty of slime.

Kennedy took the lead, showed the example. Talks shows see the shifting tide and launched their boats.

Once again the American people are intellectually ambushed.

The sick thing is, they took the bait. Now, we must wait for a democrat congress to carry out its universal duty, teaching the American people, they never had it so good.

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